House and land for sale, house for rent in Bangsaen, Chonburi.

Entrance gate to Mountainview Residence Bangsaen Chonburi



Ownership trough leasehold or freehold is available.



Leasehold is done by 2 separate contracts, Lease contract and Construction contract:


Lease contract.

Your selected plot will be owned by a Thai Company Limited which will lease out the land to you as stipulated by Thai law. This company is under management and part ownership by house owners and will prior to the registration of your lease purchase the plot from current owner MV Inter Residence Co., Ltd.

So, to ensure your security, the first step taken is the purchase and registration of lease of land in your name.

Note that this arrangement of ownership will eliminate any problems from other parties (i e external land owners, third parties) when it is time to renew your lease, sell your house and land, inheritance etc.


Construction contract.

Ownership house for rent land for sale second hand house for sale pre-owned for sale

Construction of your house will start as soon as your lease is registered. We will ask for a small down payment before start of construction but generally you pay according to contracted progress (verified by photos sent to you). The final payment is made once the house is inspected, corrected and final inspected. If you wish, you are welcome to be present when these inspections are made. Depending on house type, construction period is approximately 1 year. However, things that are out of our control can occur so therefore the contract has a delay clause with a penalty fee that will be payable to you if construction time is exceeding the contracted date.



If you have a Thai company or if your partner is a Thai citizen, this option would be for you. The procedure is as above with the only difference being the plot of land sold and transferred directly to your Thai company or partner.